Outdoor Blinds

A stylish addition to any outdoor entertainment area!

Seemingly a rather small investment for such a big change in the way you can use your new or old entertainment area! With the stylish and sleek finish of our OUTDOOR BLINDS you can turn an average pergola into a fully enclosed entertaining area under the stars!

The smooth slide track with spring up rolling system is able to be moved with one hand, and can have locks installed at any desired place along the entire drop of the blind if required.

All jobs come finished in any colour edging and tracks plus a choice of different fabrics/materials to suit any situation! Give us a call or drop an email through to get an idea on pricing for blinds within 24hrs and go from there…

** feel free to browse ABCO’s site for job pictures/customer feedbacks we have previously done for clients, or alternatively pop into our shop and see for yourself… **